Rudeboy – Broke Land Lyrics

Rudeboy Broke Land Lyrics

Intro :
yeah eh brokeland X3
ye ye ye eh (don’t wanna be in brokeland no more ) (ye ye ye eh x 2)
Verse 1:
Once upon a time in a brokeland, them girls just dey fall hand
e bad as e bad if you be poor man, cos dem no dey hear that one yeah
This life is freaking so hard (so hard) but u gonna make it somehow (somehow )
and u gonna take it so far (u gonna take it so far)

Verse hook :
This thing wey dem call money Nobody fit call you honey
if you no get am you are just a dummy to dem girls you are acting funny x 2

Chorus :
In this life, money must be made oh,
nobody be your mate oh, go ask Bill Gate oh x 2 (yeah)

Verse 2:
If you want to know who you really are, check your pocket that is who you are
that will surely take you very far make you keep hustling, brother chase the bar
Cos everyday no be holiday (holiday) but sometimes na the rainy day (rainy day )
just dey find where the money dey ( dey find where the money dey)

(Repeat verse hook )

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge :
ye ye ye eh x 2 (don’t wanna be in brokeland no more ) x 2
(Repeat verse hook)
(Repeat chorus)

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