Wale & Chris Brown – Angles Lyrics

Wale Angles Lyrics

Wale Angles Lyrics

See the way you showing out
But I can’t tame you (tame)
I can’t blame you (yea)
You know the way to pose
you know
You know
Your angles
I can’t tame you ( I can’t tame you)
I can’t
I can’t change you

Internationally known on this microphone
Holyfield Ross crib we at Tyson’s though
Lonely night I’m iight I can vibe alone
So don’t be tried if I’m quiet no inquiring doh
I know your angles
Wave at them bitches show your Bracelet
Cartier stacking for days look like thanos
You saying the universe ain’t grateful
I put infinity stones on all your fingers
Generous when I got
Feelings for who I got
Feelings for when I’m not
Feeling you girl I’m not
Dealing with whatever feelings I feel that you fear a lot
Cuz I be in my feelings I’m giving you what I got
Maybe I’m on your page
Maybe I got your heart
Maybe I can’t love you cuz I don’t know where to start
Ain’t chasing your potential
Potential ain’t enough
I guess I am what I am but you are who you was wassup


Okay this energy giving me sec symbol
Pose for me I think I’m the best with you
Pose for me more I think your the beat for me
Not post when I’m done and credit you ex nigga (hey)
You petty you flex different
You know I be the plug the one that connect with you
Now go up in these stores and tell em who mess with you
You know take you home but now you a dress different
I tripping we clicking
I tripping you sipping
Reposado could sit where I Say my sentences
I be with Hood, Chris and em or the slime
It’s young Florian I been poppin back when poppin came out
I be like shorty shorty
Put that shit on and take a pic I bet you catch a body
650 I pull up they gonna 180 to us
They gonna be hating on us
But you be straight then I be straight and ain’t no angle to it
Let’s do it (oh)
Ay Chris


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